This month: back to the summer of 2023 in Portugal, at the heart of World Youth Day (WYD)!
Initiated more than 35 years ago by the Catholic Church to bring together young people aged 18 to 30 for a week of catechesis, international fraternity, festivities and celebrations, WYD 2023 was particularly marked by a new ecumenical spirit.
From the Welcome to Paradise festival to the “Rooted in Unity” itinerary and the major event “The Change”, a number of ecumenical proposals have emerged to mark out a path of unity throughout the 15 days of the gathering.
To discover the seeds of unity sown this summer, we are delighted to present :
The kit for your meeting

The film Symphony of Christ


Start by taking 2 minutes in silence to receive the film inwardly.
Questions for sharing
What touched me in this film?
How do I feel about my links with other churches?
What instrument could I play in this symphony orchestra to participate in the “ecumenical score” mentioned throughout the film?

Prayer approach

We propose a prayer of covenant. While opening ourselves up to God’s presence, this prayer allows us, in 3 stages, to name what we have experienced in the light of our past and present lives, as well as what we aspire to in the future. Between each stage, you are welcome to sing a Taizé refrain or one that suits you best.

Thank you by remembering situations of unity, benefits and agreements experienced in a relationship, a project or a celebration.

Forgiveness, remembering situations of tension, rejection and confrontation.

Please, in order to look towards a future of Unity

Finally, we invite you to finish with the prayer for Christian unity. A bookmark has been created for the “Christian Unity Week 2024”, here attached