The Chemin Neuf Community is celebrating its 50th anniversary and entered a jubilee year on 19 August with a day on the theme of the Church of tomorrow. Several speakers, including Cardinal Aveline, archbishop of Marseille, and Archbishop Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury and primate of the Anglican Communion, took the floor alongside the brothers and sisters of the Community.

We wanted to share with you the words of our sister Anne-Cathy Graber, pastor of the Evangelical Mennonite Church and theologian.

On the theme of “the many faces of Christianity”, Anne-Cathy spoke of diversity as Good News, and of Hope between our churches by choosing a diversity that engages us. We found her talk to be a good way of reconnecting with the call of this “invisible monastery”.

Lord Jesus,
Who prayed that all might be one,
We pray for Christian unity,
As you want it, by the means you want.
May your Spirit enable us to experience
the pain of separation,
to see our sin and
to hope beyond hope.